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Hymnes Funeraires Team
Hymnes Funeraires Team Doru (Zamo)

Doru (Zamo)

Site owner and admin.

Music: Mostly depressive black metal, doom metal, funeral doom and some post-rock/post-metal. You can find a longer list on my page :

We are open for collaborations between websites, editors, bands, labels, etc. Just send us an email and we’ll talk about it.


Hymnes Funeraires Team Walter (BlackHand)

Walter (BlackHand)

Old school rock and metal listener (not exclusively). While I overly criticize I only do so on good material that I think hasn’t reached it’s full potential. Talk to me about anything (weather/religion/music) on my email : lannert.w[@]



  • Doom Over Kiev 27.04.13

    Doom Over Kiev 27.04.13

    Jakob (NZ) – 17.04.13 Cluj (Ro)

    Jakob (NZ) – 17.04.13 Cluj (Ro)

  • Dark Bombastic Evening4 17-18 Aug.

    Dark Bombastic Evening4 17-18 Aug.

    Kruna 2012

    Kruna 2012

  • Dutch Doom Days X

    Dutch Doom Days X

    Madrid is the Dark Fest

    Madrid is the Dark Fest

  • Dark Bombastic Evening 3

    Dark Bombastic Evening 3

    Doomed Souls Evening

    Doomed Souls Evening


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