Dark Bombastic Evening4 17-18 Aug.

posted by admin on February 6, 2012

Up until now we know for sure that DBE 4 will present the friends and supporters of the Underground Spirit with 16 bands from 10 countries, from which 2 have already been to Romania but in 2012 they will be joining us with fresh materials and a different line-up. We had diverse scenarios in mind, and a few rehearsals already took place, but we finally chose the bands who we think will resonate with the DBE atmosphere. We also took into account their willingness to join the DBE family next summer. There will be no headliners, no opening acts… we’re just going to sit back and enjoy the time with friends from around the world, who are coming to support the cause and to share with other guests their own unique, original, interesting experiences.

DonisArt wants to offer on the 17th and 18th of August 2012 in Alba Iulia something more than your average festival. DBE strives to be a sincere expression of the beautiful souls who are willing to spend a weekend between the walls of this fascinating fortress, alongside musicians who will mingle with fans, will talk to them and will enjoy a Beautiful normal, relaxing and friendly Atmosphere!

Solstafir – 1st ritual

SOLSTAFIR (www.solstafir.net) is an old Metal band that, with each album, proved us there are no stylistic musical limits. What does SOLSTAFIR play? Epic Metal & Dark Rock’n’Roll.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – 2nd ritual

THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ  ENSEMBLE is a band with an as mysterious as exciting sound. The Experimental Ambient Darkjazz approach is new for the concerts in Romania and their representation from the 18th of August will close up DBE4.

Lantlos – the 3rd ritual

LANTLOS (www.lantlos.com) is the project of Herbst, a young German musician who stands at his third album. The Atmospheric Post Black Metal style he thought and interpreted was well received by listeners and we can even speak about a new music wave in this direction. The last album seems to have vexed some and captivated others, proving that LANTLOS keeps transforming, avoiding repeating the same riffs only to satisfy some conservatives. His musical approach’s cosmopolitanism quickly reached success maybe thanks to the fact that the vocals were done by Neige/ALCEST, a good friend of Herbst. Now it’s time we find out if the music of LANTLOS was accepted by the fans for its true value or thanks to the collaboration with Neige. A challenge DonisArt raises in the net to everyone interested.

Of The Wand And The Moon – the 4th ritual

Kim Larsen is, at least to me, a person with a beautiful soul, a complete artist and an extremely warm and friendly person. At DBE 1 he played about half an hour, by himself and he obviously felt very alone before that big and noisy crowd. I promised him even back then, that he would be back in Romania but with a full line-up. And finally :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: (www.ofthewandandthemoon.dk) will play on the night of the 18th of August at DBE 4, especially since their new album who has been just released is a authentic Experimental Dark NeoFolk jewel.

Oranssi Pazuzu – the 5th ritual

ORANSSI PAZUZU is a rather unknown name but, after the first album’s release, ‘Kosmonument‘, the whole press was shocked by its beauty and the Finns’ original approach. Moreover, famous festivals like HELLFEST or ROADBURN were in a hurry to invite them this year and the album is already in the top preferences of many listeners. What are they playing? Psychedelic  Black Metal & Space Krautrock, a stylistic combination experimented by no one yet, but that sounds great! Let us find out who are the ones behind these odd denominations…

Isole – the 7th ritual

ISOLE (http://www.forevermore.se) is a Swedish Epic Doom Dark Metal with an impressing history of over 20 years. The last years also brought with them a couple of interesting ISOLE albums, released under Napalm Records label, that brought the bandmates an incredible visibility and impressive interest from the fans. Because the new album has a very smart mix of Doom Metal with Dark and Progressive, I decided to invite the band to play at DBE 4, in the evening of August 17.

Job Karma – the 8th ritual

Cinematic Ambient Post Industrial sounds dreadfully interesting. The Poles of JOB KARMA (www.jobkarma.pl) are coming en premier in Romania to introduce their compositions to the DBE public, on the evening of the 18th of August. Those who are into the genre already know what I am talking about. More than that, the musicians are part of a famous Polish festival.

Unholy – the 9th ritual

UNHOLY remain pioneers of this darkened musical style and can be considered a pillar of the genre. I don’t think there’s a Death Metal band today who hasn’t drawn its inspirations from albums “From the Shadows” or “The Second Ring of Power”, albums birthed in the second half of the 90s. After that UNHOLY became silent for the next 12 years. Some rumors and some interviews with the band members surfaced in the last years, and they spread the word about intention of reuniting the band for a couple of rehearsals and maybe some concerts during this summer, but nothing was certain.

Isobel and November – the 10th ritual

ISOBEL&NOVEMBER (http://isobelandnovember.bandcamp.com/) is a little known Swedish quartet. Regardless of this status, the band develops a sort of Pysch Country Goth Rock that leaves the listener stunned and overwhelmed by its beauty. After 2 full albums and a MCD, the band is now ready to show the public that it is worthy of being part of the DBE line-up.

Falloch – the 11th ritual

FALLOCH (www.falloch.com) is a Scottish Celtic Metal & Post-Rock project who has barely seen the light of day, but already caught the attention of major record label Candlelight, who has been known to promote bands like EMPEROR or OPETH

Hexvessel – the 12th ritual

HEXVESSEL (UK/FIN) is a new Psychedelic Forest Folk-Rock band but which at DBE 3 managed to captivate and fascinate everyone attending, Mat’s (ex-CODE/DODHEIMSGARD) band approach being an original, but spectacular one! Moreover, the eight musicians felt great between the walls of Alba Iulia fortress, everyone wishing to return to a new edition.

Dark Buddha Rising – the 13th ritual

DARK BUDDHA RISING (http://www.varjotila.org/dbr) is an extremely odd Finnish group, follower of a conglomerate of styles, the final sound being described as an original form of Trance Sludge Doom Metal. Entirely underground as visibility or communication, the group doesn’t brag about being generous with details… they don’t give interviews, press releases or declarations… the bandmates seem to live in another world, a real thing, considering they live isolated, somewhere in the North. Their live music throws you into an entirely different galaxy and you need proper mood to resonate with their message. With currently 2 best albums released, the Finns hardly accepted to send over a couple of words to the DBE platform, leaving the rest for the evening of August 17

Rose Rovine E Amanti – the 14th ritual

ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI (http://www.myspace.com/roserovineamanti) is an Italian Apocalyptic NeoFolk Rock music project that gained the status of respected band in its area. Damiano Mercuri finalizes right these days a new album that will come out soon and it seems like the sound will be somewhat changed from what we heard so far. But as far as I have heard, it seems to be a new masterpiece. We will enjoy his and his live members’ presence in Alba Iulia, on the 18th of August.

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – the 15th ritual

THE MOUNT FUJI DOOMJAZZ CORPORATION (www.tkde.net) represents the alter ego of the band THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE. This project is mainly focused on improvisation and provides to interested listeners a window into the minds of these talented artists. On the evening of 17th of August, in Alba Iulia, TMFDC will perform their unique show, one that will be complemented by visuals, which create a platform and enrich the ambient sounds.

Coulisses – the 16th ritual

COULISSES (http://coulisses.bandcamp.com/) is the Dark Folk Rock project of ISOBEL & NOVEMBER’s frontman, Per-Erik. Given the fact that the debut material due to be released in a short while, and their music is extremely intimate and introverted, it was decided to try and look beyond the scenes. The band will open the second day of the festival, Saturday, on the 18th of August at DBE 4.

Theodor Bastard – the 17th ritual

THEODOR BASTARD (www.theodorbastard.com) is an extremely odd and innovative band, the Ethno and Trip-Hop approach being unique and unmistakable. The female vocal is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard in this underground music scene and the usage of samples emits a peculiar sound flavor. I wanted to bring these Russians to Romania for more than 4 years, but some things didn’t settle right. Since they will soon release an album, I thought it would be nice to have the members present on theDBE 4 (Saturday, 18th August) stage their interesting music concept.

Alcest – the 18th ritual

ALCEST (www.alcest-music.com) was, is and probably will be one of the few bands within the Dark Underground that has managed to both surprise and confuse every time it has released a new material. With a MCD and 3 CDs Neige and Winterhalter have managed to create a worldwide hysteria, having performed hundreds of concerts in a very short period of time. In fact, this month is the 2 year anniversary of their very first concert, an event that took place in Bucharest where they shared the stage with AGALLOCH. After DBE3 I was more or less convinced that ALCEST in Romania will only happen in the case of a new tour that would promote a new album.


17-18 Aug. 2012

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