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Dusktone is a recording, producing and releasing music company and its goal is to become a qualitative and professional platform for the most interesting artists in the deepest side of the bleakly and gloomy music expression.

Naturmacht Productions

Is an underground record label which acts against the ever growing commercialization of the music industry. Naturmacht Productions stands for support, promotion and distribution of good quality music.  Rain Without End Records is a doom metal sub label of Naturmacht Productions.

Pest Productions

Pest Productions is Jiangxi, China based independent record label founded in 2006, focusing around Atmospheric Black metal artists and features an international roster of musicians. It also features two sub-division/sub-labels titled Self-Destruction (started in 2008) and Autumn Flood (started in 2006).

Prophecy Productions

It is Prophecy’s basic imperative to release high-quality “eerie-emotional music” in an aesthetically satisfying manner. We are aiming to enchant our customers with beautiful products selected in accordance with good taste.


Solitude Prod. label was founded in July 2005 for promotion of mainly Russian doom metal. In the end of 2006 the BadMoodMan Music sub-label was found. Solitude Productions and BadMoodMan Music appear to be an important part of Russian underground scene offering new talented bands to the fans of gloom and dark atmosphere in music.

Sun and Moon Records

Sun & Moon Records is an independent underground label and was formed in 2006, as a result of our musical experiences, passions and desires with the urge to support bands which we appreciate. By support we mean releasing, promoting and distributing their albums.

Undoi Advertising

… Event Planning and Underground Music Promotion

Undoi Advertising is a Romanian company from Cluj-Napoca capable of planning and organizing cultural events, conventions and also musical festivals, concerts. Undoi Advertising is also supporting the underground metal scene –


  • Doom Over Kiev 27.04.13

    Doom Over Kiev 27.04.13

    Jakob (NZ) – 17.04.13 Cluj (Ro)

    Jakob (NZ) – 17.04.13 Cluj (Ro)

  • Dark Bombastic Evening4 17-18 Aug.

    Dark Bombastic Evening4 17-18 Aug.

    Kruna 2012

    Kruna 2012

  • Dutch Doom Days X

    Dutch Doom Days X

    Madrid is the Dark Fest

    Madrid is the Dark Fest

  • Dark Bombastic Evening 3

    Dark Bombastic Evening 3

    Doomed Souls Evening

    Doomed Souls Evening


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